Words of Encouragement from Margaret Bowler

During this awful time of being “Shielding”, it has been very difficult for people. You are not alone. Some people think that it is only themselves that is affected by this advice, and to stay at home away from the virus infection.

Do not get despondent, be thankful that we live in a community that has our health as a priority to keep us safe – if only we follow the instructions given us by Government.

 My heart goes out to the families that live in the high rise flats, and have children to manage without going out, and may also have Myotonic Dystrophy.

We have heard today that the Shielding will not last much longer. In your spare time, write a letter to a friend, or write to me at MDSG and tell me how you have managed during the last few months.

“We’ll meet again, sometime, don’t know when!”

Keep safe.

Margaret Bowler